Albert B. Blixt

Albert BlixtAl Blixt helps organizations of all kinds work through very complex challenges to become more strategic, innovative and adaptive. He combines practical experience as an attorney, university professor and business owner with a mastery of the Whole-Scale® Change methodology to design and facilitate change journeys that engage leaders and staff so they can create solutions that everyone can support. Much of his work focuses on strategic planning and implementation. Al is equally comfortable coaching senior leadership teams or facilitating transformative large-group meetings of 50-500 or more. Al can be reach at 734-657-5772.

Al is the co-author of three books and numerous articles on organizational change. He is a frequent public speaker. Al holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan. In his personal life, Al works to create supportive independent living communities for persons with developmental disabilities including his youngest son, Andrew.

He works in all sectors including government, education, business, unions and nonprofits. Representative clients include Ford Motor Company, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, the Florida Education Association, Cadbury-Schweppes-Adams Division and the State of Michigan Office of Services for the Aging.