Jim McNeil

Jim McNeilJim McNeil is a senior organizational change consultant and principal of STRATEM Associates. As a former trade union leader, he brings a unique blend of labor/management experience to the challenge of creating world class organizations. Jim specializes in assisting leaders and their organizations develop and implement the strategies and processes necessary for sustainable success. Specific applications include strategy development and implementation, union/management relationships, conflict resolution and interest-based problem solving and implementing high-performing work systems. He holds a MA, Organization Development from Norwich University and BBA, Detroit College of Business.  Jim can be reached at 734-652-8888

McNeil has worked in the U.S. and Europe with leaders and employees at all levels in: corporations, governmental agencies, trade unions and non profits.  Industry experience includes: service, manufacturing, government, health care, pharmaceutical, telecom and advanced technology. Representative clients included: US Department of Defense, AFL-CIO, Rohm and Haas Corp., American Federation of Government Employees, Tower Automotive, Southeast Michigan Safety Council.

Jim is the creator of the A.R.I.S.E. Model for strategic alliances published in Journal of the Organization Development Network, Vol.35,No.1 – 2003 “Creating and Maintaining Successful Strategic Alliances.” He is a co-author of two books by Dannemiller Tyson Associates: Whole-Scale Change: “Unleashing the Magic in Organizations” and a field guide for Whole-Scale practitioners title “Whole-Scale Change ToolKit”

Co-author “Trust and Transformation: Integrating Two Florida Unions” - The Handbook of Large Group Methods. Bunker B.B. & Alban B.T. San Francisco: Jossey Bass – 2006

Sylvia James

Sylvia JamesIn aerospace in the mid-1980’s, Sylvia pioneered what today we call “Whole-Scale® Change,” working with Kathleen Dannemiller in developing these processes. Today, she works globally with communities and organizations to bring about rapid, sustained change in strategy, culture, processes, structure, systems, and roles. Her strength is convening stakeholders around “gnarly,” system-wide issues in order to combine their wisdom and create breakthrough solutions. She is a coach to individuals and teams at all levels and a presenter at conferences and workshops around the world. Sylvia can be reached at 734-604-0712

Sylvia is co-author of two books by Dannemiller Tyson Associates; chapter contributor to The Change Handbook (2006) and The Handbook of Large Group Methods: Creating Systemic Change in Organizations and Communities (2006).

Her journal articles include “Accelerating Strategic Change: Application of the Whole-Scale Approach to Leading and Managing Change” (“Learnende Organisation” January 2004 issue, Institut für Systemisches Coaching und Training, Vienna, Austria). Her work is described by others in Fusion Leadership, “Employees Redesign HR” (Human Resource Professional July/Aug 1997), and Large Group Interventions: Engaging the Whole System for Rapid Change. Sylvia’s spectrum of clients includes Baylor College of Medicine Chronic Disease Research Center, Corning, Medco Health Solutions, Hewlett Packard, and Virgin Atlantic Airlines.

Sukari Pinnock

Sukari Pinnock is an Organization Development Scholar/ Practitioner, specializing in Leadership Development, Transitions and Executive Coaching. She is also a member of the teaching staff for the Masters of Organization Development (MSOD) program at the American University (AU/NTL). Sukari can be reached at 202-957-4132.

Sukari earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Labor Studies from the National Labor College in Silver Spring, MD; a Masters Degree in Organization Development from the American University; and an Executive Coaching Certificate from the Georgetown University Center for Professional Development Leadership Coaching Program. Sukari is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and is qualified to administer the Myers- Briggs Type Indicator, the FIRO-B, the Bar-On EQ 360 and other behavioral assessment tools. She is also an NTL-certified Diversity Trainer/Practitioner.

Sukari works in all in both the private and public sectors and is an experienced trainer of leadership and performance coaches. Representative clients include Sodexo (US), the Casey Foundation, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the DC Superior Court, the Stone Soup Cooperative, Tenants and Workers United, and the National Education Association.

Kathryn C. Church

Kathryn ChurchKathryn Church has been consulting to major organizations for the past twenty years. She has extensive experience in managing complex business change efforts; strategy development and deployment; collaboration; dispute systems design and organization alignment. Her work is centered on achieving tangible business results in complex, changing environments. Kathy can be reached at 843-557-0802

Kathy focuses on guiding clients through major organizational changes to operationalize strategy through structure and create high performance work systems.  This is accomplished by using participative approaches to strategic planning, organization design, and organization development. She has a diverse background (lived and worked all over the world) and holds a M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology, Eastern Kentucky University and a B.A. Psychology, Clemson University.

She has authored several journal publications including:  “Culture Clash and Integration Nightmare… or win-win collaboration. Your choice” “What is Corporate Culture…and how can we change it?”  “Review, focus and renew with collaborative processes” and others.  She has also co-authored “Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the magic in Organizations” Barrett-Koehler Publisher, Inc., San Francisco. October 2000.

Representative clients include: BASF, Microsoft, US Environmental Protection Agency, Howard University and Catholic Relief Services.

Albert B. Blixt

Albert BlixtAl Blixt helps organizations of all kinds work through very complex challenges to become more strategic, innovative and adaptive. He combines practical experience as an attorney, university professor and business owner with a mastery of the Whole-Scale® Change methodology to design and facilitate change journeys that engage leaders and staff so they can create solutions that everyone can support. Much of his work focuses on strategic planning and implementation. Al is equally comfortable coaching senior leadership teams or facilitating transformative large-group meetings of 50-500 or more. Al can be reach at 734-657-5772.

Al is the co-author of three books and numerous articles on organizational change. He is a frequent public speaker. Al holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan. In his personal life, Al works to create supportive independent living communities for persons with developmental disabilities including his youngest son, Andrew.

He works in all sectors including government, education, business, unions and nonprofits. Representative clients include Ford Motor Company, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, the Florida Education Association, Cadbury-Schweppes-Adams Division and the State of Michigan Office of Services for the Aging.

Kevin P. Boyle

Kevin Boyle is an organization development professional with key accomplishments in labor-management development efforts, participative management, strategic planning, organization development and work place design and re-design in both public/private sector business and union organizations.  In addition he facilitates groups in leadership development, conflict transformation, and team development.  Kevin can be reached at 541-754-4012

Kevin formed Boyle & Associates, Inc. in 1986, and today works internationally with public and private sector, government, union and management-led organizations, as well as communities in developing relations fostering a commitment to inclusion, trust, motivation, and excellence in performance.

Kevin’s clients include: Ashland Inc., Levi Strauss & Co., European Union, Communications Workers of America, City of Portland, Oregon, Oregon Health Sciences University, Swedtel International, OxFam America,

United Farmworkers, Service Employees International Union, American Federation of Teachers.