Why Clients Choose Stratem

Focus on individual client needs.

We know that no two clients are alike. Because STRATEM remains a very specialized consulting and training firm, we are able to provide our clients with individual attention in creating a strategy developed just for them. None of our work is “off the shelf” but rather a thoughtfully crafted design, created in partnership with the client.


All STRATEM consultants are experienced, senior and seasoned consultants with diverse and comprehensive backgrounds and a broad range of client successes. They have earned the respect of colleagues in the profession and the diverse client base that they have served.


It all comes down to results. Each client in our portfolios provides a testament to our work. As you consider STRATEM Associates, review the client listings on this site. The prestigious organizations that have trusted our associates, to work with them, can and will attest to what we do, how we do it and the results they achieved.


STRATEM Assoicates: “My organization used STRATEM Associates to help us create a Strategic Plan for our organization. Through STRATEM’S assistance, we have gained membership and revenue despite hard economic times in Michigan. In the past, we have used other consulting firms with little success.  I found STRATEM to be not only innovative in their approach, but also knowledgeable and reliable.”

Jack Mihalko
Safety Council for SE Michigan

STRATEM Assoicates: “We hired STRATEM Associates to work with our coalition on several occasions. They worked with our leadership to construct a process that engaged our membership and through their facilitation helped us put together a detailed work plan that we were able to implement. Without this work, we would not have moved forward at the pace that we did, nor would we have achieved the outcomes that we did. Would also add that STRATEM is easy to work with, gives good advice and focuses on where the client wants to go.”

Steven M. Francy
Executive Director
RNs Working Together, AFL-CIO

Kathy Church: “Kathy and Gary have been consultants to my college for over two years in implementing organizational restructuring, leadership development and strategic planning.  They provided exceptional insights and have a style of engagement that draws together multiple constituencies to  work for a common goal. Through their work my college has advance.”

Patrick J. Cawley, MD, MBA, FHM
Chief Medical Officer
Medical University of South Carolina Medical Center

Jim McNeil: “I have worked with Jim McNeil since 2005. We selected Jim as our US partner on the basis of recommendations from major US clients and have never been disappointed. His ability to interface with people from front line to senior management, coupled with his years of experience as manager, consultant and trade unionist give Jim a rare insight. This enables him to implement his change management initiatives with a clear understanding of the concerns and aspirations of every party involved, essential prerequisite for success. I have no hesitation in recommending Jim as a consultant partner in any significant Organizational Development initiative.”

Dr. Ian Matheson
Competitive Dynamics International

Sukari Pinnock: “Sukari has an incredible skill in assessing the coaching needs and preferred style of each individual – which I believe is the most important lead-in to a successful coaching relationship.  She mentors one with passion, sincerity and with immense focus on the client. Sukari was instrumental in the amount of growth I achieved in only a year’s time. She enabled me to accept and own my power, to meet challenges head-on and to understand the impact and perception of my works, actions and decisions. I would highly recommend anyone with the desire to grow and the courage to change to seek out Sukari’s expertise.”

Mareena Nephew
Manager for Business Affairs
National Education Association

Sukari Pinnock: “I collaborated with Sukari Pinnock on organization development projects over the past five years.  She has extremely strong skills in assessment, diagnosis and intervention design strategies.   Our client groups consistently express their appreciation for her insights to address the underlying issues impacting the performance of the organization.  Her commitment to a facilitative approach provides a safe space for leaders to dialogue about tough organizational issues and increases their ownership to deliver organizational results.

Dr. Jeff Branch, Faculty
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Department of Psychology
Organization Development and Leadership Graduate Program

Kevin Boyle: “I have worked with Kevin (actually I hired Kevin, but I always felt we were working together as a team) on numerous projects over the past 20 years. We have worked in union and non union situations in the US, France and Denmark. Plant size was 80 to 400 employees and the outcome was always very positive. I would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested in hearing our success stories.”

Tom Strang, Vice President
Regulatory Affairs and Manufacturing Excellence
Chemtura, Inc.

Sylvia James: “ I have worked with Sylvia for the last 7 years.  The staff of the Health Policy Center sought her out because we knew some of our planning efforts would not be successful unless we dealt with underlying discord.  At the same time we were working with various stakeholder groups on various issues, we were learning how to apply the approach, tools, and resources of Whole-ScaleSM.  Sylvia was incredibly generous in her willingness to mentor many of the Health Policy Center staff.  As an organization we have developed capacity to design and facilitate meetings and whole system change processes.”

“The meetings that Sylvia has helped us with range from smaller gatherings with 10 participants to a state-wide health symposium of 800 people.  Recently Sylvia designed a mediative meeting for leaders from a growing not-for-profit organization for which the Health Policy Center provides an administrative home.  She also mentored HPC staff in the design and execution of 15 case studies that culminated in a 150 person Health Reform Symposium.”

“I have lost track of the number of change processes that Sylvia and I have participated in together.  All have been successful.  I appreciate the learning that I have experienced.”

Karen J. Minyard, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Georgia Health Policy Center
Andrew Young School of Policy Studies
Georgia State University

Al Blixt: “Al Blixt has a gift for getting people to work together and think strategically.  He came into a very difficult and complicated situation and helped us get on the same page.  Our organization could not have made the progress we did without him.  It was a pleasure to work with him and I would recommend his services very highly.”

Jack Carbone
Director, Organizational Development
Florida Education Association