What We Do

We Assist Organizations to:

Strategy Development and Deployment

Good strategic planning engages the whole system in strategic action. To accomplish this, STRATEM assists the organization in combining the knowledge that is distributed across organizational levels and boundaries in developing plans that are realistic, comprehensive and supported throughout. The process is anchored by the creation of a “strategic roadmap” to guide the strategy through development and implementation.

Employee Development – Improving Individual Performance

The right training at the right time is vital to creating and maintaining high performing organizations.  Our training is custom designed in order to meet the specific needs of the organization.  All training is highly participatory and interactive and is delivered by experienced and respected presenters.

Union / Management Relations

Creating an environment where the employees and their company jointly gain from a positive labor/management relationship is paramount in today’s competitive environment.  Our approach fosters teamwork and unites the workforce around the business strategy creating a solid foundation for respect, cooperation and innovation.

System Improvement

We employ a whole systems approach addressing both the technical systems consisting of work processes and associated technology and the social system made up of the people as individuals, as groups and as members of a complex structure.  By working with the “whole system” we are able to move rapidly in the development and implementation of work processes and organizational structures that people own and that work.

Moving Fast

Whole-Scale change methods guide our approach to assisting organizations to respond quickly to the demands of rapid change.  This approach engages the knowledge and wisdom of the people within the organization in creating solutions that work and will be embraced by their associates.  This highly participative approach to change has been successfully applied in strategy development and deployment, work design, mergers and acquisitions, culture change, union/management relations, community organizing, and training in diverse settings around the world.