Kathryn C. Church

Kathryn ChurchKathryn Church has been consulting to major organizations for the past twenty years. She has extensive experience in managing complex business change efforts; strategy development and deployment; collaboration; dispute systems design and organization alignment. Her work is centered on achieving tangible business results in complex, changing environments. Kathy can be reached at 843-557-0802

Kathy focuses on guiding clients through major organizational changes to operationalize strategy through structure and create high performance work systems.  This is accomplished by using participative approaches to strategic planning, organization design, and organization development. She has a diverse background (lived and worked all over the world) and holds a M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology, Eastern Kentucky University and a B.A. Psychology, Clemson University.

She has authored several journal publications including:  “Culture Clash and Integration Nightmare… or win-win collaboration. Your choice” “What is Corporate Culture…and how can we change it?”  “Review, focus and renew with collaborative processes” and others.  She has also co-authored “Whole-Scale Change: Unleashing the magic in Organizations” Barrett-Koehler Publisher, Inc., San Francisco. October 2000.

Representative clients include: BASF, Microsoft, US Environmental Protection Agency, Howard University and Catholic Relief Services.